Oklahoma Wins; Season Over

Michigan succumbed to the Sooners, but for some reason I’m not mad. It wasn’t our year yet. Our two best players had foul trouble for most of the game, leading to lots of playing time for Walkons, Canadians, and Anthony Wright.

Speaking of whom, dude killed it tonight. Even if he reverts to Anthony Wright 2007-08 next year, I still don’t think I can make fun of him again, because he was a stone cold sniper in a tournament game. For Michigan. Anthony Wright. Seriously.

It’s a small miracle Michigan got to this point, much less gave a #2 seed one hell of a game. However, there’s a reason Blake Griffin is basically the consensus player of the year. He’s a damn good ball player. There’s also a reason opposing fans hate him, on top of the “beating the hell out of their team” thing. He acts like a bitch, is one of the cockiest players to ever not draw a taunting technical, is ginger, etc.

Getting to the NIT was a lofty goal for this team at the beginning of the season. Making the tournament was absolute gravy, despite what many people expected after wins over UCLA and Duke. Getting to the second round was just short of unbelievable, and we ran into a decent team with the best player in the country. So be it. Michigan in the tournament is crazy enough.

A more comprehensive basketball season wrapup is coming later next week, then you may return to your regularly-scheduled footballcentric programming.

A los barcos, hemos quemado.

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  1. Grob says...

    This was farther than many people thought we would get. Just having a classy coach who doesn’t cheat is an improvement. He has good kids in the program. Things are looking better.

    As far as Blake Griffin, have some class. Sounds like sour grapes, give the kid his credit.

  2. Tim says...

    Uh, I said he’s easily the best player in the nation. That doesn’t make him classy. End the schtick before I have to start denying all your comments. “Sour grapes” is not the same as “dude is awesome at basketball, but could be a lot more classy in the process.”

    Also, Amaker was classy. Beilein isn’t necessarily a step up in that regard, he’s just a good coach (the main difference). You should really read, comprehend, reply. In that order.

    GRob, you’ve proven yourself to be… less than knowledgable… in every phase of the game. “Sour grapes” is the ultimate non-insult coming from you. End it, dude.

  3. I know nothing says...

    Grob’s a douche. We all know that. And the kid Griffin is damn near unstoppable. Some of the shots he made just left you in awe. But that noted, how the fuck does a sophomore in college get Jordan consideration? Was it Novak, under the basket, fronting him, where Griffin kept up faking, slamming into him, got his feet moving, and then JUMPED into him and got the basket and foul. Complete bullshit. He is hard enough to stop as it is, but you give him calls like that, and he becomes Jordan, ala Superman. Beilein is rarely going to be outcoached, and did a great job in the first half. But the question is,,,,,,,Do you agree with not bringing Manny back in for the final 4-5 minutes of the first half? Manny seems to be a streaky player, and looked out of it for a while in the second. I know it is all water under the bridge now, just askin’?

  4. chitownblue says...

    Agreed on all fronts Tim – Griffin is hyper-athletic, incredibly quick, and extremely strong. He also does absurdly obnoxious things like hang on the rim, catch the ball he just scored and place it on the ground, and kiss his biceps. None of these are horrible things, but they’re certainly obnoxious.

    And, “I know nothing” – one simple fact of basketball, at all levels, is that when you play an established super-star, you’re not only playing him, but you’re playing the refs. Tyler Hansbrough hasn’t dribbled once in three years but he doesn’t get called for travelling – it’s the way it goes, and it’s the way it always has.

    Ultimately, I wish people focused less on the refs in this game – what killed us was that we had no answer for Griffin (who does, except maybe UCONN?) and that we missed our first 11 shots of the second half (Manny and Sims were on the floor for this streak). The better team won last night – and I’m sure our guys will learn their lesson, and improve from it.

  5. BenAA says...

    Bring in Manny for who at the end of the first half? We were working great without him, no need for him to pick up a third stupid foul.

    Lee and Wright were both keeping us in the game. Beilein made the right call.

    -Also, “sour grapes”, really? People don’t bodyslam a guy for no reason. He hangs on the rim, stands over people after he charges them and they pick up a blocking foul. Open your eyes, Grob. The guy is a freak of an athlete, but a huge douchebag. Also, I am so sick of looking at his parents, sweet god. who gives a shit about his parents reactions…

  6. Grob says...

    Sorry but there are a lot of people who talk during the game, football as well. But calling him a “bitch” after the game reeks of poor sportsmanship, had Tim said that before the game it would be taken in a better light. So it just looks like sour grapes. It’s just the way I see it. I went to another site whiched complained endlessly about the refs—maybe a couple calls whould be better, but the better team won. Lets give them credit and be thankful this team is improving.

    As far as classy, I should have said ‘classy AND who can coach.’ I like the way he carries himself and really knows the game.

  7. I know nothing says...

    I guess chit-town blue has the best approach.

    1. Since when did sophomores get superstar status? The kid was a meh- last year. Now he is good, but not that good.

    2. Manny is streaky. He was ice cold in the second, to start. And hanging tough, when OU is not really scoring, did us dick. We needed to score, not ‘hang tough’.

    3. Grob, you are still a cunt. It was not a question of officiating, good or bad, we had no one that could front him. But EVERYONE saw him get away with murder. So deal with it.

  8. BenAA says...

    lol @ I know nothing


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