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Just a note here on cross-platform Varsity Blue appreances: I’ll be appearing on John U. Bacon‘s Big Show on WTKA today at 3:30 (assuming it doesn’t get bumped for the third time in four weeks, of course). We’ll be talking football, recruiting, basketball, and maybe even a bit about blogging itself. If you aren’t in the Ann Arbor area, you can tune in on WTKA.com by using the “Listen Live Now!” link in the upper-left corner, or by simply clicking here.

So, be sure to tune in to 1050AM in the Ann Arbor area or WTKA.com outside of it around 3:30 today.

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  1. I know nothing says...

    Make us proud you Shark Jumper. Remember, just picture everyone in the crowd naked.

    Oh shit, that probably doesn’t work on the radio, does it??

    I hope you get to address the MSU in-state dominance. How about a quick list of the top 10 this year, and how such a large percentage of those kids will end up in E. Lansing. You know, Bolden, Gardner, Mathis, Boisture, White, etc…..

  2. Paul says...

    Everyone on the radio is always naked. No need to visualize anything.

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