This Boat is Real. BURN IT!

Well, they certainly made it interesting for us, did they not?

After Terrence Oglesby was ejected, and Michigan was able to take and sustain a double-digit lead for much of the second half, it seemed like the first round was in the bag, and it was on to Oklahoma (Or Morgan State, as the case may be). However, Clemson suddenly drilled a few 3-pointers, Michigan forgot how to break the press, though they’d been doing it with relative ease all game, and this one turned into a nailbiter. I immediately went from “go for the triple-double, Manny” to “hey, just win, baby.”

Until Stu Douglass came down with that final rebound, this one wasn’t over. I still might not believe the outcome until I see the Wolverines take the court against Oklahoma on Saturday. The Michigan Wolverines, who have not been to the tourney since 1998, are in the second round. The Michigan Wolverines, who started 3 different freshmen and 2 different walkons during this year, are 1 win away from the Sweet Sixteen.

Oliver Purnell, 0-6. John Beilein, 5-1.

Queme los barcos.

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  1. Tommy O'Toole says...

    Cant even explain how happy i was…

  2. Anthony says...

    C’mon, give Purnell a break.

  3. riothan says...

    Just a suggestion, queme los barcos means burn the ships in formal way, either casual (we all are michigan wolverines fans hence no need to use formal way) and imperative way would be “quemen los barcos” also means burn the ships but as i said it’s either casual way and imperative way, aamof pirates or whatever would scream quemen los barcos! no need to be polite…
    Es todo lo que queria comentar, gracias y hasta luego !

  4. Tim says...

    Yes, I speak Spanish, and I know what you mean. Ain’t my slogan though.

  5. Steve says...

    I watched the 1st half and would not allow myself to either get too excited or too down. Unfortunately I got called to work for an emergency just before halftime, but listened on Sirius during the ride. When I got back out and was on my way home the lead was 12 and I started to get excited.

    By the time I got home the lead was 5 and when I got inside it was 3. I was really nervous since we’ve seen this team blow games trying to protect leads. Thankfully they pulled it out, but it reminded the coach in me never to get too up or down until the game is over.

    Too bad I’ve got Oklahoma playing in the championship game. I’ll miss out on the $$ for a Michigan win though.


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