A Day at The Ball Park

I’ve been excited for this day since I saw the weather report on Monday.  The weather was absolutely amazing and the Fish was packed. Reports are over 2000 fans at the game.

The game: meh. Oaks had a good start, but 14 left on base. Blah.

The pregame: Awesome. Jim Abbott is an amazing story and, by all accounts, a great person.  He got his jersey retired before the game and it was a very nice, simple ceremony and Abbott made a nice speech thanking everybody who helped him with his goal.  He also signed autographs for about 3 innings.  Amazing guy.


I overheard someone talking with an event staff guy about how he would always play basketball with his friends at the CCRB and would dominate the court. One day this kid asks to get in and play, but he only had one hand. The guy telling story said the other team didn’t want him, so he picked him up just being nice. Early on in the game the storyteller threw a fastbreak pass to Abbott, who caught one handed on the run and dunked it. They played together in a few different leagues for the next couple of years. Awesome.

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