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Per MGoBlue:

Steady rain in the Ann Arbor area all day today (Tuesday, April 14) has forced the cancellation of Michigan’s scheduled contest with Toledo and changed Wednesday’s (April 15) game with Eastern Michigan to a pair of seven-inning contests beginning at 3:05 p.m. No makeup date for the Toledo game has been announced.

So that’s two games versus EMU today to make up for the lost game yesterday.  Just what we need, more innings of midweek pitching.  I say that only half facetiously.  We do need to get some guys work.  I haven’t seen anything about starting pitchers, but I’ll throw my guesses out as Brandon Sinnery and Kevin Vangheluwe.  Kolby Wood threw a few times this weekend, but could be available.  The pitcher I’d like to see get this start is Mike Wilson, just to get him an easy start (7 innings puts less pressure on the starter to go deep into games).  It probably won’t happen, but its an idea.

I’m hoping we get some carnage as Michigan tries to avenge the loss at home last week.  The season series is tied at one a piece, each won by the visiting team.

Update: Miller started first game (just 2 IP).  Paul and Tim went head to head in the Michigan Baseball Tricycle race.  No word yet on who one.  I’ll have them recap later.

Michigan State Weekend

Also in that link from MGoBlue, the start time to Friday’s game has been moved to 3:05 from 6:05pm.  No audio will be available, which blows, but they will have live stats.  Their press box at MSU’s new McLane Stadium (named after Spartan alum and owner of the Astros, Drayton McLane) is just nearing the completion stage, so it appears they don’t have audio installed yet.

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  1. JJ says...

    Rummor has it that you will see both Berset and Burgoon in today’s games. Not that either of these two will dramatically impact any game, however, it does bring the team back to full strength and provide the coaches with options. Team chemistry is critical…let’s hope this takes them back to opening week form. There still may be a nagging injury with one or two players but nothing keeping anyone out of the lineup.

    Go Blue!

  2. CDubbs says...

    Mr. FormerlyAnonymous, I don’t know who you are? You talk an aweful lot about baseball, where is your fair and balanced coverage of the softball team? I mean c’mon, not only do they have a better record (29-9 vs 19-13) they have boobs! I want more coverage of them, preferably in spandex.

  3. Other Chris says...

    One of our crew is still napping, so I don’t imagine we’ll make it to the Fish for the start of the first game, but we’ll see some baseball today.

  4. Mr. CDubbs, I don’t know who you are? You talk an awful lot about improving my coverage, especially for not having seen a game at Alumni Field (obvious by your request for spandex). I, however, will direct you to my April 9th post recapping the softball victory at Central Michigan.

    And as a final question Mr. CDubbs, now that your last homework assignment is done, how long til you move to the land of gueers?

  5. CDubbs says...

    4 months to the day thank you

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