Harris, Sims to Return in ’09-10

John Beilein announced today that Manny and DeShawn will return for next year. This was a foregone conclusion of sorts, but confirmation is nice.

More later, because iPhone is not the optimal blogging device.

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  1. Voice of Reason says...

    Their staying helps to solidify their legacy at Michigan because they will be credited with helping to rebuild this basketball program. Not only are we looking forward to another 20 plus win season and NCAA birth, but future recruits will list and seriously consider Michigan basketball because of the programs rebirth. I for one appreciate their contributions to our school.

  2. I love how the only category this is listed under is photo album. Or at least originally it is.

  3. Tim says...

    You clearly don’t understand just how difficult it is to accurately post from iPhone.

  4. Michigan4204 says...

    Great things are in our near future. Great decision for both and I honestly believe next year both could be first round picks, Manny maybe even lottery. Tim, it is almost impossible to use the iphone for anything.

  5. BleedingBlue says...

    “Those who stay will be champions!” It’s good to see two smart young men in today’s sports world make the right decision! Go Blue!

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