Marvin Robinson Goes Blue

GBW is reporting that Michigan has gained the commitment of Florida safety Marvin Robinson. The rising junior won’t enroll until the fall of 2010, but is already Michigan’s ninth verbal in the class. Robinson, from Lake Region High School, measures 6-2, 190, with a 40-yard dash in the 4.5 range.

Recruiting Notes
Marvin Robinson grew up a fan of Michigan, with USC being another favorite. He visited the Wolverines for their 2007 summer camp, where he was the most impressive defensive back despite only entering his sophomore year. At that time, he was offered a scholarship by the coaching staff of Lloyd Carr. That scholarship offer was reiterated by Rich Rodriguez in the spring of 2008. In June, he was unable to attend Michigan’s summer camp, but visited Ann Arbor shortly thereafter. On his visit, Marvin enjoyed himself so thoroughly that he made plans for a return trip to Ann Arbor, to attend the Michigan State game with his friend Ricardo Miller. Robinson received his official offer on the first day that junior prospects may be offered. When Miller accepted an offer to Michigan on September 29th, it was just another feather in the caps of Michigan. However, it took Marvin quite some time to jump at the offer (despite early indications that he might commit last fall). When he came to Ann Arbor for Michigan’s Spring Game, he was blown away by the atmosphere, and started itching to pull the trigger. Within a few days, he could resist the urge no longer, and gave a verbal commitment to the Wolverines.   

Player Notes
Robinson is a big, physically impressive safety. Under the Lloyd Carr regime, he may have been bulked up and moved to linebacker (where he excelled at the Football University camp in Orlando last summer), but new Michigan will likely try to allow him to stay at safety, unless he goes through a growth spurt. They probably like him as more of a Taylor Mays-type player than, say, a Tavares Gooden doppelganger. Robinson is considered one of the top prospects in the nation at safety in 2010, and would be a good candidate for 5-star status if he wasn’t something of a tweener, and if he hadn’t been considered a lock to Michigan for so long (though he has been dominant enough at combines that he may still garner that status). It is particularly impressive that he was the best safety at Michigan’s summer camp in 2007 – though he was only entering his sophomore season. Early offers from powers such as USC and Florida also speak to his talent, and likely had something to do with his delay in committing to Michigan.

Photo by George Aycrigg of NewsChief.com.

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  1. Brian says...

    Great, great pick-up. I think he may end up in the Stevie-Brown hybrid position, but we’ll see.

  2. Joe says...

    After mentioning all the re-writes and edits for when Robinson goes blue, you think you would have caught that he is the second verbal commit…8 commits later…

  3. J. Lichty says...

    A couple things – he is reportedly going to enroll early – so he will be seen in the spring of 2010, not the fall;

    One of the credible posters at Mgoboard (I think it was Other Brian or TomVH)reported that one of the reasons for the delay in committment was pressure or worse, Varsity Blues-like threats, from his OSU supporting HS coach. In the end, it apparently didnt matter.

  4. J Torres says...

    This is a real man! That commits to the best unlike faga I mean fera.

    This is an example of why I hate people. Please feel free to make fun of this clown. I’m debating posting his e-mail… We’ll see

  5. I Heart Mike Hart says...

    Hopefully his HS coach didn’t get too upset when he was told “I dont’ want, your life.”

  6. Or banhammer powers.

  7. GregGoBlue says...

    What is this, the Ohio State message board? Get this clown out of here.

  8. Griffin Fraley says...

    Apparently I missed something. What was said here?

  9. J Torres says...

    Sorry I will not comment anymore. I realize that my comments are immature and completely uncalled for.

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