Men’s Lacrosse Weekend Report

So, this is odd to do after a weekend in which the team didn’t play, but here goes. 

A replay of the victory over Chapman aired yesterday on ESPNU at noon. This is notable in itself, because club sports are rarely on television at all, much less one so niche-oriented as lacrosse. Most Michigan Lacrosse fans hadn’t had a chance to see the game, myself among them. The game was a tale of two halves between the then-#1 (Chapman) and #2 (Michigan) teams in the country. Of course, as the Wolverines are still undefeated and this game happened over spring break, Michigan ended up victorious. However, it didn’t look like that would be the outcome at halftime. With less than 30 seconds to go in the first half, Riley Kearns scored an unassisted goal for the Wolverines, but they still trailed by 3 at the break.

The second half was a completely different story. Chapman came out of the locker room looking to maintain possession, and do everything they could to keep the Wolverines off the board. However, Trevor Yealy and Anthony Hrusovsky were ably to break through early in the 3rd quarter to bring the game within a goal. Chapman responded with two goals of their own, re-widening the lead to three. It was all Michigan from there, though, as the Wolverines notched 4 goals before the third quarter ended, to take a one-score lead into the final frame. In the fourth, they were the ones maintaining possession and killing time, though they managed the stretch the final lead to 13-10.

Michigan got hat tricks from Yealy (5), Hrsovsky, and Kevin Zorovich, in addition to single goals from Kearns and David Rogers. Mark Stone started the game in net, but was replaced by fellow sophomore Andrew Fowler after allowing 5 goals in the first period. Fowler allowed just 5 through the remainder of the game. Perhaps the star of the game for Michigan, or at least one of the men who helped turn the tide in the second half, was faceoff specialist David Reinhard. He finished the game 15-25 at the “X,” and gave Michigan momentum throughout the third and fourth quarters, as they would score a goal and get the ball right back, thanks to Reinhard.

Up Next
After a much-needed rest, Michigan returns to action this weekend at Birmingham Seaholm High School against Michigan State. The neutral-site contest is known as the Great Lakes Lacrosse Classic, and starts at 7PM. The Wolverines would certainly benefit from a sympathetic crowd, though the game is technically hosted by the Spartans.

The following week is the MCLA conference tournament at Saline High School. More information to come on that as seedings and game times are released, following this weekend’s play.

A tip o’ the hat to Brian at MGoBlog for bringing MFlowBlue to my attention. The site is a Michigan lacrosse blog, run by a gentleman with the handle “nstandif,” who we can assume is injured Wolverine midfielder Nick Standiford, and features highlight videos of several games by Sick Lax Productions (aka Wes McGowan). If you’ve never had the chance to check out the lacrosse team, this will certainly give you an opportunity to see what they’re all about.

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  1. GregGoBlue says...

    you DO know the Chapman game was in february, right?

  2. Tim says...

    1) Read.
    2) Comprehend.
    3) Reply.

  3. Jack Tripper says...

    Boy, you really know things are dead in college sports when you start getting LAX reports! :P

  4. GregGoBlue says...

    The Purdue football game was a tale of two halves, but Siller was simply too much for the wolverines :)

  5. Horatio says...

    But college baseball reports are legit? Lacrosse has been the fastest growing sport in American for the last 15 years and no signs of slowing Jack.

    Keep the lax reports coming! Hopefully the powers that be at Michigan will realize what Ohio State, Penn State and Notre Dame have known for years…that lacrosse can be a very successful mid-tier varsity sport, like hockey.

  6. Pot shot at America’s past time? Say it ain’t so? At least our national championship is the third largest revenue maker in the NCAA (1. MNC-football, 2. march madness, 2. CWS). Not to mention the most logical playoff system out of any of the major/mid-major sports.

    As a baseball enthusiast that never got to play LAX in high school, LAX is awesome and I wish it would pick up in the southwest. Only a hand full of schools play it in the Houston area. I got to see a game yesterday and was mightily impressed by how good the teams were. The more coverage the better.

    Now when we start getting to track… that’s when it becomes a slow period.

  7. Tim says...

    It’s my site and I say we cover both baseball and lacrosse. I win!

  8. Jack Tripper says...

    Easy there Horatio. I did use a :P to point out I was being facetious.

  9. GregGoBlue says...

    hockey a mid-tier varsity sport?!?!!?

    Michigan athletics is most storied for these programs, in this order:

    1) Football
    2) Hockey (9, count ’em, 9 national championships)
    3) Basketball

    Hopefully with the national coverage we’re beginning to receive, the right people at U of M will notice the dominance that the LAX program has achieved.

  10. Tim says...

    The “right people” are well aware of how good the lacrosse team is. It’s not a matter of the team not being competitive enough at the club level.

  11. Other Chris says...

    GregGoBlue — that is at Michigan. Nationally, hockey is a mid-tier varsity sport, on par with gymnastics. A limited number of potential participants, high entry point in skill required, small teams. Both sports are contracting in the NCAA at this time, unlike lacrosse.

  12. GregGoBlue says...

    The “right people” in this case are the people in the athletic department who are trying to keep up with the likes of Notre Dame and Ohio State.

    The “right person” is Bill Martin. He needs to wise up and elevate a program that is already well-established, well-coached, well-connected (especially in regards to recruiting), successful, has sponsorships already in place (Warrior and Riddell are Wolverine suppliers already).

    I’m a huge fan of the upgrade of the Michigan facilities (practice facility, big house, new basketball practice facility on the way, ray fisher stadium, etc…). However, I think some of that money would be better spent on elevating a women’s team (women’s lacrosse is also plenty good) along with the men’s lacrosse team instead of lavished on our already outstanding programs. Time and time again, the men’s lacrosse team has been pushed further and further back on the priority list, but they still keep on winning. It’s time to step up, Bill Martin.

    By the way, I think this blog’s commitment to covering the varsity-club men’s lacrosse team is outstanding, and you guys should be commended.

  13. Paul says...

    Blue prints may or may not exist for a dedicated Lacrosse facility on campus. A plan may or may not exist to elevate a couple club varsity teams to full varsity status in the next few years.

    The athletic department has a lot on its plate right now. You just need to be patient.

  14. Tim says...

    I know who the “right people” are. Bill Martin is well aware of the lacrosse program(s). I’m also connected enough to the situation (which is to say, not very) to know that there’s a plan in place to elevate the teams to varsity status.

    However, Oosterbaan would not be an adequate facility for varsity competition, and the AD would much rather work on facilities that will make money (i.e. Michigan Stadium, other upgrades to the football and basketball programs), than build a dedicated facility for lacrosse, which will undoubtedly lose money.

    That said, there are plans for a varsity lacrosse facility on Elbel field, and these plans are much further along than you probably realize.

  15. Technical point: UM AD didn’t fund the refurbishment of the Wilpon Complex, that was solicited through Fred Wilpon (Mets owner) and his family foundation. Yes UM put in a little bit, but not close to what they would be putting in to develop Elbel.

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