Michigan to Play Under the Lights in ’09

…of course, it’s for a road game. This is actually fairly old news, but when the Wolverines travel to Iowa City on October 10th, they wont take the field until nighttime, according to Kirk Ferentz at his press conference last week:

Ferentz said Iowa will be playing three night games during Big Ten play: at Penn State (Sept. 26), vs. Michigan (Oct. 10) and at Michigan State (Oct. 24). 

Members of a certain subset of Michigan fans are undoubtedly saying “How come they’ll play 3, and we aren’t even willing to play a home night game once!” Stay calm, fans (and stop with the idiotic petitioning), it will happen sooner or later, and you’re wasting your breath for now, as the earliest Michigan will play a home night game is when the stadium renovation is complete for the 2010 season.

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