Monday Quick Hits

OK, These posts might become more common in the offseason as there isn’t a ton of actual news to report/analysis to undertake.

  • As reported by several other outlets over the weekend, Michigan’s pursuit of Greg Paulus has come to an end. I was basically indifferent on the Paulus situation, and I hope the Wolverines can bring in Jason Forcier, who can be a depth player and a mentor to his little brother.
  • The Wolverine Blog’s Ace Anbender cut a Tate Forcier Highlight from the spring game:
  • The Athletic Department reports that student season ticket sales are down, and they expect overall non-renewal rate to increase as well. Something tells me they won’t have a problem filling those seats with fans on the waitlist.
  • Odd situation with a “commit or not?” for the Wolverines yesterday, regarding DC LB Javarie Johnson (final answer: not). More on this situation later today or tomorrow in a Recruiting Update.
  • Catch up with the Michigan Baseball team’s progress in the weekend recap of the Michigan State series. Formerly’ll have a more long-term analysis for you later this week.

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  1. Trey says...

    Student ticket sales are down for at least two reasons – one, let’s face it, we don’t have the money nor have students gotten summer jobs/internships like they used to to pay for these tickets, and two, they didn’t publicize them nearly as much – if at all – until a day or two before the ticket deadline. Poor execution by the AD.

  2. Matty Ice says...

    You guys need to get a different name for these posts. MSC has had it for a couple years now I think.

  3. Tim says...

    Uh, its an industry-standard term, not an MSC term.

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