Paulus-free Day

This is the only time (barring significant developments) that I’ll mention Greg Paulus today. He has been offered, wait no he hasn’t, the NCAA would have to grant him a waiver to participate (and they probably would). I think it’s a good idea, because he won’t beat out Tate, and it just adds depth while giving him a chance to continue his sports career, etc. Also, look at all the positive press it got Michigan over the past couple days (before Tate Forcier had to run his mouth about it). “Greg Paulus played basketball at Duke” could be the new “Tom Zbikowski is a boxer” or “James Laurinaitis’s dad is a former pro wrestler.” I guess “Jason Forcier tansferred back after going to Stanford for two years” could be similarly fluffy (and Jason would probably have more of a chance to be effective than Paulus).

If it happens, I’ll cover it. Otherwise, I’m really sick of seeing all the idiotic articles by columnists and similarly stupid writers. These people get paid to put out drivel like that. It’s pathetic, really.

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  1. GregGoBlue says...

    I am almost as sick of this Greg Paulus crap as I am about Susan Boyle of Britain’s got talent.

    Also, Tate needs to learn when to and when not to say anything to the media. That would never have flown in the Bo and Lloyd days, especially from a true freshman who hasn’t seen the field yet.

  2. YakAttack says...

    MRob!!! WooHoo

  3. Sean says...

    It is getting pretty tiring. ESPN especially has been a joke. They have beat this story to death and can’t even get the facts straight. They are the ones that started the whole he was offered a scholarship crap and are the ones giving the impression that he would start if he came here. In reality he would be nothing more than depth and someone to compete with Cone, but no, it’s too hard to research that and find out the facts.

  4. MichAlum in NC says...

    I’m completely disgusted at the mere thought of Paulus dressing in Maize & Blue. It’s clear to me that he’s using Michigan as a spring board to garner attention and boost his stock to try and play some sport at the pro level. If he wanted to play football, he should have made that decision after highschool. I pride myself as an alumni and a fan on the quality of atheletes that we get at Michigan. I now live in NC and unfortunately have had to sit through 4 years of Paulus coverage at Duke. Why would we want a dink like this? Paulus! Wojo! Those guys are terds. QB depth? We need it but not THAT bad. Sheridan would likely be a better 3rd string. Paulus should just fade into non-existence like his worthless duke brethren of wojo, melchioni, and Randolph. Cut this Michigan-Duke connection and move forward.

  5. Gordie Bell says...

    Thanks, I got taken to task for expressing the same sentiments yesterday, glad to see you concur.

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