Why We Lost: MSU Game 2

What a poor offensive game for Michigan today.  While I’ll save the recap for Monday, here’s a look at what caused us to lose this game… at Ray Fisher Stadium in front of over 2,000 fans to a team that is now only 2-14 away from their home stadium.

  • Michigan left 14 on base this game, including 6 in the first two innings.  A season high.
  • Only 3 batters had hits in this game, Berset with 2, Lorenz, and McLouth.  The latter two were pulled for pinch hitters later in the game.
  • The few times we hit the ball hard, it was right at someone.  Garrett Stephens’ liner and Nick Urban’s to end the game come directly to mind – both with runners on base.
  • We had a season low 5 total bases.
  • Batters 1-6 of the Michigan batting order were 0/20 with 6 walks (3 were Cislo).
  • We were 1/20 with runners on base (1/19 with RISP)
  • 8 Ks vs a team that averages 5.4 a game. 5 of those with RISP and less than 2 outs.
  • A balk with 2 outs and a runner on third (in all fairness, Alan Oaks was awesome and didn’t deserve a loss).

We are making bad teams look good.  We’re now in 8th place in the conference ahead of only Northwestern and Iowa.  We may have just been swept by the Spartans for the first time in 10+ years (weather isn’t looking good for tomorrow, much less our team).  I don’t have the ability to look that up right now.

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  1. Drew says...

    I did not even know that Allan Oaks was a pitcher. The Michigan pitching staff must be very thin right now. Looks like Oaks did pretty well though.


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