All BigTen Baseball Awards

The BigTen released their All BigTen, POTY, and Sportsmanship awards today.  Michigan has a few showing up on the lists.

1B – Mike Dufek, MICH
SP – Chris Fetter, MICH

OF – Ryan LaMarre, MICH

No one

No one

Kenny Fellows, MICH

I’m don’t think there was anyone who was skipped over in this list.  Lorenz stood no chance against Penn State’s Steranka for All Freshman third basemen.  McLouth had no chance against Freshman of the Year Dickerson of Indiana.  Cislo wasn’t as good this year.  Fellows probably just missed being on the third team. Berset missed too much time and would have needed a strong full campaign to overtake the 3rd team catcher.  None of our pitchers deserve all conference representation.  It was a down year, here’s hoping next year will be better.

I’ll work on getting a end of season post out tomorrow. I’m furiously packing for a trip to New York next week.  I’m also contemplating taking a couple days to float the river north of San Antonio.  So it’s probably good Michigan didn’t make the tournament, I’d be out of posting capabilities for way too long.

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  1. tricks574 says...

    What happened to Phegley? I assume he had to fall off pretty bad to not be POTY over a guy who hit .362 with 57 RBI’s, considering that his average last year was 3 points higher than Burkhart’s OBP this year, and he had 80 RBI’s, it was either a pretty bad regression by Phegley, or a horrible snub by whoever hands that award out. I can’t find his stats for this year, I assume you are more knowledgeable about this than I.

  2. formerlyanonymous says...

    Phegley had a solid year, slightly better offensively than Burkhart, but defensively, Burkhart was way ahead of Phegley. That defense is why many draft boards have Phegley in the 3-7th rounds instead of higher.

    The Burkhart thing seems strange to me. Derek McCallum at Minnesota. The guy destroyed this year. How he didn’t win, I just can’t understand.

    While I appreciate the love to a catcher, I’m not sure he’s top 3 players in the conference, much less #1.

  3. billy645 says...

    LaMarre got robbed for not making All-Big Ten first team. Outside of average, his stats were much better then the three outfielders that were picked ahead of him.

  4. JJ says...

    Just want to say … THANK YOU to formerlyanonymous! You did a hellava job this past year keeping us up to speed on the team. Greatly appreciated from this fan! Hope next year turns for for better. Do you follow any of the guys through summer? ….or take some well deserved time off?

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