Baseball Recruiting: John DiLaura

Update: I fixed the spelling. Apparently I started the article one way and finished another. It is DiLaura.

from De La Salles picasa

from De La Salle's picasa

The newest preferred walk-on to the Michigan baseball team is reported to be John DiLaura.  DiLaura is a catcher for De La Salle Collegiate High School.  I haven’t found much as far as stats on the internet.  The MaxPrep page for De La Salle hasn’t been updated with player stats this year.  So we’re left with just what the report of his preferred walk-on status tells me.

DiLaura is a four-year starter in baseball, the last two as a catcher. This season he’s batting .442 with two home runs.

That sounds pretty solid.  DiLaura had played second base (and occasionally third) before the move to catcher.  I’m not sure where Maloney has him slated in the future lineup.  We recruited 2 catchers last season and we’re unlikely to lose Berset this year.  He may fill the role of Timmy Kal.  The utility player extraordinaire.  Who knows.

Not really important but also interesting is the fact DiLaura is more known for his bowling on campus than his baseball.  He’s been Catholic High School League All-League or Honor list each of the last 3 years.  Impressive.

On a side note, those looking for my recap of Indiana, I had a death in the family yesterday morning, and I just haven’t felt up to it yet.  I’ll get it out when I get to it.  I’ll also be missing most of this weekend’s series due to the funeral.  Don’t expect too much from be between now and then.

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  1. Steve says...

    Condolences on the loss.

    Look at the fence in the outfield. I guess the crappy school district we live in isn’t so bad. At least there’s a real fence. We also have a utility cover in left field though.

  2. Bellaire HS in Houston ISD is ranked in the top 5 nationally and they don’t even have a fence on their underclassmen field. They play if it lands on the track its out of play, unless the fielder touches it first, then it stays live. They also play off portable buildings and have about 9 feet of foul space behind home plate. With some of these young catchers, I have to umpire against the fence.

    Granted, their varsity plays on a fairly nice HISD stadium field used for varsity only. I’ve seen some HS stadiums in these parts (Houston) that make the Fish look like a sandlot.

  3. Steve says...

    All proof that baseball gets no love in the US anymore. Sad. Just sad.


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