Dropped Game One

Michigan lost game one to Minnesota 9-5.  I’m still reeling in from last night, so just a couple links in this post.

Game 2 in the series is today, in about 40 minutes (1:05pm).  Get to the Fish.  We need all the support we can get against Buske.

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  1. Other Chris says...

    Evil Katzman started but Good Katzman vanquished him after two innings. Tied up 5-5, can M pull this out??

  2. Drew says...

    Michigan defense is failing them again. 3 errors today and Minny is up 6-5 top of the 8th. Dufek needs to be a full time pitcher next year. Every time he is up at the plate he strikes out. The guy never puts the ball in play. He is a horrible hitter.

  3. Other Chris says...

    So much for my hopes. 12-5 — brrrrr.

    Drew, I think you really overstate the case with Dufek. You seem to forget last weekend and this week, when he had eight trips to the plate with hits, including two home runs. Yes, the strikeouts bug me too but the defense troubles me a lot more.

  4. John says...

    I really though Fetter was a definite win. What happened there because I couldn’t make it to the game?

  5. @Drew I also think you’re overstating the strikeouts. He’s streaky with the Ks if anything. And its a whole team problem, not a Dufek problem.

    @John Everyone has that less than stellar start sometimes (unless your Strasburg). Fetter had his worst outing of the year. It happens.

  6. Other Chris says...

    Fetter was on fire through the first few innings, though Minnesota was getting hits even then (and an error didn’t help). Things just sort of went south in the seventh and everyone was getting hits, and the lack of Michigan runs probably didn’t help morale any.

    Having seen all but one of Fetter’s home games this was atypical.

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