Free Press FAIL

I’m not going to pin this on Mark Snyder, because if he wrote the headline, I’d be surprised, but “Ex-quarterback Threet gives starting nod to Sheridan in spread offense” is really, really not what’s going on in this article:

“I feel like Tate has a good opportunity coming in early with the extra reps in the spring and that should be beneficial,” he said. “But Nick does a good job of executing the offense the way they want it to be run. People may point out the physical things Tate or Denard may have at a physical advantage, but a lot of time at quarterback in this system comes down to decision-making.”

Is it just me, or does that quote have a whole lot more “Hey, I’ll be impartial and not endorse anyone. Now leave me alone and let me go to Arizona State” than “I decree that Nick Sheridan shall be the starter” ? I’d have to go with a lot more of Option B. Before the internets go crazy on this, look at what Threet actually said, and not so much the headline of the article.

Of course, most Michigan fans at this point are willing to endorse Tate Forcier for obvious reasons:

But honestly, whichever quarterback wins the job, be it Forcier, Sheridan, or Denard Robinson, that’s my guy. Primarily because I don’t have a say. People criticized Rich Rodriguez (and perhaps rightly so) for starting Sheridan over Threet last year, and while Threet may have been better, he certainly wasn’t head and shoulders above Sheridan.

All that’s left is the waiting…

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  1. cfaller96 says...

    I know that Sheridan’s apparently a nice guy and all that, but…there is no need to see anymore of him on the field.

    Please. If performances are equal among the three (a big “if” IMO), then I vehemently prefer watching a freshman go through growing pains rather than see Sheridan deny said freshman those valuable reps.

    All things being equal, let’s invest in the future kthxbai.

  2. MechE says...

    Well-said, Tim. Rich Rodriguez will start whoever should be starting based on a vast amount of information that we don’t have. I just hope the right guy to start is actually Forcier because it will be excruciating to listen to the “injuries are FANTASTIC because they increase reps for the starters!” crowd whine all season.

  3. Markusr2007 says...

    Not a good selection of words for the article title, but newspapers have used this tactic for decades.

    What I find interesting is that so many UM fans appear to be convinced that Forcier is now the apparent ’09 starter because of the spring game performance. And he may be. All I’m saying is that I’m pretty sure that Denard Robinson may change people’s minds a little bit during fall practice and prior to kickoff vs. Western Michigan. Finally there will be some meaningful competition at QB at Michigan this year and in the future. This is a very good thing.

  4. Thunder says...

    Denard Robinson MAY change people’s opinions, but it’s not likely. The only real skill Robinson seems to have over Forcier is straight-line speed, which may not mean a whole lot. They both have strong arms, mechanically Tate is better, Tate knows the offense better, he’s more accurate, etc. I, too, am glad that we’ll have two talented players behind center . . . but Tate is clearly ahead of Robinson at this point. People who think otherwise just assume that Robinson will be the second coming of Pat White, which isn’t likely or necessary.

  5. Tater says...

    I agree with the Forcier crowd at this point. Also, I think that if we ever see Sheridan on the field again to do anything but mop up at the end of a blowout, the season is in trouble.

    Also, I think Robinson will probably get a series or two each game as a wildcat and get plays slowly added to his repitoire throughout the season. He could end up being a better QB eventually, but I just don’t see him beating Forcier for the job this season unless Forcier is injured.

  6. Bolt Vanderhuge says...

    Looks like those clowns at the Free Press have done it again. What a bunch of clowns.

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