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This is not going to be exactly as the title implies (i.e. game schedules, or even an in-depth discussion of the Wolverines on College Football Live), but rather a couple quick notes that have appeared on ESPN of late. This is deserving of its own post because the offseason sucks.

First: Pryor e-mail-gate.

Relevant information, as quoted by Brian:

Pryor: “I really want to be like a great quarterback. People tell me I can’t throw and this and that, and I’m not that good and I’m overrated and all that.”
Herbstreit: “Who?”
Pryor: “A bunch of people. Michigan players e-mail me and stuff.”
Herbstreit: “Come on, are you serious?”
Pryor: “Yeah man.”

Do I question the veracity of Pryor’s accusation? Kinda, because it seems really petty, and why bother? “Durrr u r overrated lolz”
Do I care either way? Not really. In the age of Facebook, e-mail, etc., things like this are bound to happen. It’s along the same lines of Facebook groups encouraging members to poke the opposing team’s QB, and harmless in the end. To the extent that “bulletin board material” can affect a player’s preparation for a specific team (a concept I question: do you really think it takes an e-mail to motivate Terrelle Pryor to want to beat Michigan?), it might be an issue, but other than that, it’s not. The main reason I hope this isn’t true is that I hope MIchigan’s player’s aren’t lame enough to waste their time with it.

Minor… is Major! Ivan Maisel thinks we should be ready for more Brad Nessler-isms next year, apparently.

Minor wants to grab his senior season by the throat. As long as his wrists cooperate, the Wolverines will be all the better for it.

The majority of the column is about Minor’s hope for an injury- and fumble-free 2009, leading to a better year for the Wolverines. Fluffy stuff, this.

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  1. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    Pryor is, like, so well spoken and stuff.


  2. BleedinBlue says...

    I can’t believe Tressel lets this kid talk on camera!! This must be embarrassing for buckeye fans!! Like… uhhh… like… this teams perrrtty goood!!! LOL

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