Michigan v. Texas, 6PM ET

MCLA Lacrosse National Tournament. 1st Round.

You can review my preview here.

Pump-up video, via MFlowBlue, covers the CCLA tournament championship:

CCLA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament from Wes McGowan on Vimeo.

CoverItLive (no, I’m serious) will include the UMichLacrosse Twitter feed, which will be able to give some play-by-play and scoring updates. I’ll be in and out a bit, but if you participate, please try to keep this particular chat on-topic (that can include asking questions of me if you have no idea what the hell certain things are). We can talk about other sports some other time. The chat will start around 5:45, the game starts at 6, and should last about 2 hours.

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