Pending Recruiting Board Exodus

In the name of paring down the board a bit, I’m going to put out notices for a few guys, and if I don’t hear anything about them sometime soon, they will be removed as well:
QB Trett Hardman. Listed on Rivals as a pro-style guy without any offers. There’s still news about him every so often, but nothing indicating a Michigan-level prospect (save nomination for the Army Game, along with everyone else in the country).
QB Willie Ballard. There is almost never any news on him, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be a Michigan prospect at this point. He’ll get the benefit of the doubt as someone who might help keep a pipline (Trotwood-Madison) open.
QB Derek Roback. So far, only holds MAC offers, and doesn’t seem to be a Michigan-level prospect.
QB Detchauz Wray. See above.
QB Santez Emory. Hear verrry little about him, and even less with regards to a Michigan connection.
RB AG Middlebrooks. No rumblings of Michigan interest, and there are already offers out to plenty of other guys.
RB James Gillum. See above.
RB Malcolm Jones. Most consider him a USC lock.
WRs – take your pick. I doubt Michigan needs another in this class, so I’ll start paring them down, on the basis of Michigan interest. Soloman Patton, Ted Meline, Devonte Stamps, Markeith Ambles, Eric Dungy, Tyron Williams, Steven Green, CJ Bostic, Quincy Newson, BJ Chitty, and others are all on notice.
OL Aleon Calhoun. Hear very little about him.
OL Timothy Jones. I’ve heard literally nothing on this kid since he’s been on the board.
OL Dakota Anderson. Haven’t heard of any Michigan connection.
OL Malcolm Bennell. Heard next to no news on him.
OL Clint Shepherd. No news of a Michigan connection.
DT Jeff Lynch. I hear very little news on this kid.
DT Michael Thornton. Never hear of any Michigan connection.
DT Sean Herron. No news at all.
DE Keevon Newsome. Hear surprisingly little recruiting news, and methinks the relationship with Michigan is frosty at best.
DE Martaze Jackson. Don’t hear much news, and he’s expected to stay in Alabama.
DE Ty Cline. No news.
DE Geneo Grissom. After initially expressing a ton of interest in Michigan, he’s been silent for quite some time.
LB Rickey Simpson. Have heard nothing on him.
LB Chase Williams. Hear nothing.
CB Derek Owens. The other day, I postulated I should add his WR pal to the board, since they intend to be a package deal. I probably should have gone the other way, and removed Owens.
CB Torrey Cordell. I hear nothing about him.

I’ll give most other guys the benefit of the doubt (and am willing to listen if there’s a specific reason you think I should do the same for any of these guys), however, the leash is getting shorter as I get sick of hearing about guys who don’t stand a chance of ending up Blue.

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