Swept WMU, Tournament Number is 7

Congrats.  We swept the second worst D1 Baseball team in the state of Michigan.  Final score today was 6-0.  Three game winnings streak! Haven’t had one of those since we swept IPFW (4 games including the EMU game before it).

Brandon Sinnery got the start in the game and he made the most of it. He lasted 6 innings giving up only 4 hits while striking out 2 (yes, that’s 0 walks). I’ll take that start any midweek.

Sinnery was also aided by some early run support. Michigan scored 5 runs in the first inning. Nick Urban had a RBI single, followed by a 2 RBI single by Chris Berset and a 2 RBI double by Alan Oaks. That kind of support offensively makes pitching much easier. I will note that Urban left the game in this inning. It was right after stealing second base. I missed the broadcast call, but I would imagine its either a leg or hand injury. If anyone has any news, drop a comment.

Matt Miller, Kolby Wood, and Tyler Burgoon combined to finish the game.  Burgoon sounded to be pitching well.  He struck out the first hitters of the 9th on 6 pitches.

After the 1st inning, the offense went into hibernation.  We did get picked off twice, but one sounded to be a clear balk.  The pitcher from WMU stepped toward the plate then submarined the throw to first.  The step toward the plate is a balk.  It didn’t get called and Berset was left confused and out to dry.  Coach Maloney gave the umpire a piece of his mind, but it didn’t change anything.

So that’s all well and good, but it does nothing for us making it to the BTT.

BigTen Tournament Bid

Team W L Pct
Illinois 14 4 .778
Minnesota 13 4 .765
Ohio State 13 5 .722
Indiana 11 6 .647
Michigan State 11 7 .611
Purdue 7 10 .412
Michigan 7 11 .389
Penn State 5 13 .278
Northwestern 3 13 .188
Iowa 3 14 .176

As you can see, Michigan is just half a game back of the now coveted 6-spot, the final team to make the BigTen Tournament.  Our “magic number” is technically 7.  We need a combination of 7 Michigan wins or Purdue losses in order to lock up the tournament bid.  The problem is we only have 6 games left.  The other problem is we play Minnesota this weekend.  Minnesota is a very good team, and we’ll get to that preview in the next few days.

The good news is we finish with Northwestern in Evanston, a team that just isn’t good.  The other good news is Purdue has a very tough schedule down the stretch, facing off with Michigan State in East Lansing where they are as good as anyone else in the conference, and then, they face Illinois who will be looking to clinch a top seed in the tournament.  I don’t see Purdue winning more than 2 games in that stretch, so Michigan has a chance to make up ground.

Going into this weekend’s games, I think Michigan takes the 6th spot with a 4-3 record down the stretch while Purdue goes 3-3, missing the post season by half a game.

Rooting interests this weekend:

  • Michigan over Minnesota.  Obviously.  We need this series.
  • Michigan State over Purdue.  Yet again, obviously.  I don’t think they sweep, but they need to take at least two of three.
  • Iowa not to get swept in Iowa City vs Penn State.  Penn State has an outside shot at taking the 6th spot, but would take some major upsets.
  • Good Weather.  We’re already behind in the loss column.  We can’t afford to not win.  While losing may be worse, not playing could be just as bad down the stretch.  There is already rain in the forecast for this Saturday (game 2 vs Minnesota) and next Thursday (game 1 @NU).

Minnesota comes to town Friday at 6:35pm.  More on them soon.

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  1. Chris says...

    Good luck this weekend. Hope you can help us out, and obviously help yourself out. Would be weird not having you in the tourney… especially when Sparty of all teams seems headed.. though in typical MSU fashion they’re choke this weekend, get swept by IU and you take the 6th seed over them. Watch.

    For the record the top of the standings should be Illinoi 14-4, Minny 13-4, OSU 13-5.

  2. I’d argue Sparty’s choke job would be a bit surprising. I think they do get swept by IU either way, not because they choke, but because IU is just a stronger team and Sparty being on the road. I think they still take at least 2 of 3 from Purdue, or at least I really hope so.

    Those changes were made to the post. I think it was a mix of typos (OSU record) and checking the standings before they were officially updated on bigten.org (Minn).

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