Fetter Goes #264 to San Diego

Chris Fetter was drafted by the San Diego Padres with the 264th pick, 3rd in the 9th round. This is a little further down than expected, but not too far.

In recruiting news, Daniel Fields of University of Detroit Jesuit was picked by the Tigers at #180, the middle of the 6th round. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went with the Tigers as the 6th round is pretty respectable, and it is the Tigers who drafted him, which may or may not influence the decision.

Dennis went in the 10th round to the Rays, so there is a good chance he could end up in Ann Arbor. It’ll be a wait and see situation. (Andrew@EC, I’ll get your comment approved by Tim or Paul soon enough.)

The last prospect we’re watching is Patrick Biondi. He’s still undrafted as of 2:05pm (late in round 13). That may bode well, too.

I’ll update if I hear anything else. There’s a chance Dufek or Katzman may go in the VERY late rounds, but I don’t think they’re any chance of defection.

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  1. Steve says...

    6th round to the tigers? Better to play college ball and try to move up. Wasn’t the consensus on this draft that it wouldn’t be good for fielders?

  2. Yeah, the thought was that pitching would dominate the early rounds and that most fielders were meh. But like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed with them knowing that there is a slim chance he may play for the home town team.

  3. JamesD says...

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  4. JJ says...

    Surprised that Fetter was the only one taken this year. I mean… even a late pick means someone is looking. Could be good news for next years team but I’m sure very disappointing for those that thought they were going…as I heard there was at least two that were counting on it. All I can say is…. get a chip on your shoulder, work your ass off this summer/fall & next season and get picked up next year.

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