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UPDATE: PerfectGame has since redacted their declaration that Dennis has signed with the Rays.  I’ll work this into another post later in the summer so it’ll show up on top.

Consider this the first update on the status of our incoming freshmen.  Starting with the highest draft picks:

Daniel Fields (6th Tigers):  He is still unsigned by all indications, but he does have until August to make up his mind.  Much of the rumor mongering I’ve heard is the Tigers are expected to throw a 6 figure signing bonus at him, which doesn’t particularly bode well for Michigan.

Derek Dennis (10th Rays):  We’ve got conflicting stories here.  MLive reported on the 18th that Dennis was offered a trip to Tampa to take batting practice with All Star caliber third baseman Evan Longoria.  Dennis was quoted then saying he was leaning toward college and unlikely to be swayed by the trip.  The article claims:

Dennis said he is considering taking the trip, but added the strategy is not likely to work…

A career .438 hitter at Forest Hills Central, Dennis technically has until mid-August to make his decision. But after mulling over his options with his family, he said he wants to attend Michigan to pursue a degree in sports science or meteorology.

Then comes rumors this week from PerfectGame that he has in fact signed with the Rays (HT: commenter Ballfan).  They don’t have details on the signing like they do for many of the other players, but it is unlike PerfectGame to jump the shark on these sort of things.  Perhaps the trip to Tampa swayed him?

Patrick Biondi (35th Tigers): Sounds like he’s in with Michigan no matter what.  He was recently interviewed by the Press & Guide with quotes like this:

“I wasn’t too concerned about the draft because I had let them know that I was planning on going to U-M,” said Biondi, “but obviously it’s a great honor to be drafted and it’s exciting to be drafted by your hometown team.”

The 2009 Draft was never the main prize.

Biondi will be eligible again after his junior season in Ann Arbor and that’s when things could get interesting.

So yeah, sounds like a Michigan lock.  I’ll update as I hear things.  Getting accurate information on draft signees doesn’t come with many solid sources, at least not easily found ones.

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  1. Steve says...

    Talking with other people that know draftees from past years I keep hearing that some as signing deals that pay for college of their choice if they don’t reach a certain level by a certain time…ex 5yrs for AA.

    If these young men do go Pro I hope that they sign contracts that will still allow baseball to pay for their education at some point.

  2. MGoAndy says...

    FWIW, I think Fields was looking for a 7 figure signing bonus out of this draft, somewhere in the 1.5-2 range. I think it’s a bit more than 50% he comes to Michigan.

  3. formerlyanonymous says...

    Yeah, I’m expecting him to get something around $125k signing bonus; I was thinking a little bit less on the actual contract – perhaps in the 900k-1.2m range. I’ve heard some of the signings in the first few rounds have been quite a bit lower, especially on non-pitchers, this year.

    Perfect game has also retracted their “SIGNED” announcement on Fields.

  4. Ballfan says...

    Formerly: Did PerfectGame list Fields as “signed” too? I didn’t’ see that – perhaps they’re not so “perfect” after all (kidding, PG is great organization) and jumped the gun on Dennis also. From what I’ve read, Dennis and Fields would make a great middle IF combo for the Wolverines for the next few years. Let’s hope they are in Ann Arbor come September. Go Blue!

  5. Ballfan says...

    Oops – missed the “update” at the top of Formerly’s original post above. That’s good news re Dennis – thanks for the info.

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