Weekend Open Thread

Not sure I’ve ever tried executing one of these, so let’s give it a try. Potential talking points:

Let’s get it on.

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  1. Mark says...

    I’m looking forward to a tough non-conference schedule. If we lose, it’s not that big of negative as long as we aren’t blown out. And if we win, it’s a huge win for the Tourney resume. It seems like a much larger risk for Kansas, UConn, etc. than it does for Michigan.

  2. Chris says...

    I’ve heard many people wondering why football can’t schedule like the basketball team. It’s not the same thing. First, the teams aren’t in the same situations and second, and more importantly for the athletic department, is the revenue for the university. Bill Martin needs to schedule 3 teams a year that don’t require a return visit. Bill Martin isn’t making a mistake for not loading up Michigan’s football non-conference schedule but he did make a mistake when he agreed to play ND until the end of time. How much more would everyone being looking forward to Michigan vs Oklahoma next season instead of Michigan vs ND again?

  3. mfan in MD says...

    Beilein has had success in these non-conference games ex. at UCLA (day game) so his kids were playing a 10 am game.

  4. Joe says...

    Probably worth bringing up as well.

  5. Joe says...

    Sorry about above. Was saying Brennan Clay committing to Oklahoma today is probably worth bringing up.

  6. pz says...

    I’m wondering what’s the legit target # of recruits for the 2010 fb class. I believe Brian had mentioned 21 (at least) most recently.

    Wondering where people think we’ll really shake out with attrition, etc… Just seeing the 21 was slightly alarming given the quantity already committed given that we’ll probably take 3 more OL, and have a few other pretty significant needs along with the hope of landing a couple of top prospects at positions that aren’t really of need, but we’d take anyway. Thoughts?

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