Wolverine Biography: Steve Howe

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been doing some research on the Michigan baseball program and the players in it.  Steve Howe, a name many of you over the age of 30 probably remember a bit more clearly, played for the Wolverines in the late 1970s, and threw a one-hitter in the College World Series.  His pro career started great, but in the end, it was plagued by drug use.

I feel the story is too long to post here, so I’ve posted it over on my personal site. I’ll have an abridged version sometime in February as I build up to next season.

A Tragedy: Steve Howe

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  1. Jack Tripper says...

    Use to joke that Howe would snort the white chalk lines at Dodger Stadium…

  2. David Belletini says...

    Steve Howe was a fantastic pitcher with electric stuff. A great Wolverine then, now, & always. Beset by demons he was unable to control, Steve is hopefully in a better place. RIP

  3. Steve says...

    Looking forward to the Barry Larkin Bio

  4. Bill says...

    Howe certainly had problems. Wasn’t he the guy that MLB let back in again and again?

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