Blogcast: Talking Hockey with YostBuilt

In this blogcast we talked to the excellent Tim Williams of The Blog That Yost Built, the place to go for Michigan hockey information.  We discussed Michigan’s season and their draw in the NCAA Championship Tournament among other hockey topics.


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Blogcast: Special Big Dance Edition

In the wake of Michigan getting into the NCAA Tournament, I called up college basketball Jamie Mac from MGoBlog Diary Fame.  We discussed the recent history  of Michigan basketball and what exactly this bid means for the program.


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Return of the Blogcast

In this Blogcast, Tim gives you an overview of all the new Wolverines. If you have any ideas for future blogcasts, let us know in the comments.

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Chatting with the Enemy: Rocket Man

This week we talked to talked to Jason Mack, the Sports Editor for the Independent Collegian at the University of Toledo, pictured to the right. I’m trying a new audio player, so let me know if you can see it. Enjoy:

UPDATE: I tried a new player and there’s an issue with it. To get the blogcast, just right click here and select Save Target As.

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Podcast: Real Life Football Coach!

UPDATE: Issue fixed

Coach Simmons, purveyor of the best technical football blog this side of Smart Football, Three and Out, joined us today for the podcast. In addition to being an excellent blogger, he is defensive coordinator for a large high school in North Carolina. In whatever spare time he has, he acts as the resident coach of the Michigan blogosphere posting as gsimmons85.

In the podcast we talked about his coaching philosophies, his team, how he views Michigan and his love of his car. We barely scraped the surface so we hope to have him back. Without further adieu:

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(If you can’t see the player, you can right click here and click save target as)

Visual Aid 1:

Visual Aid 2:

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Chatting with the Enemeny: Wisconsin Badgers

For this week, we talked to Derek Zetlin, the football beat writer and sports content editor for the Badger Herald. If you want to know what Mr. Zetlin looks like, I’ve got you covered. Topics ranged from the fleetness of Evridge to the fatness of Hill. Many thanks to Mr. Zetlin for his time and insights. I hope you guys enjoy the preview:

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Podcast: Recruiting Overview 9/18

With no opponent to preview, we went over all the happenings on the recruiting trail for the past month as well as looking into the future. Enjoy:

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Chatting about the Enemy: Notre Dame

Unfortunately, we were not able to secure a phone interview with a representative from Notre Dame. Instead of having a polite, respectful interview with a member of another school’s media, we took a different approach. Enjoy:

Special thanks to Comrade Dex from Wolverine Liberation Army. Keep fighting the good the fight.

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Chatting with the Enemy: Miami University

This is Tim’s conversation with Dan Kukla of The Miami Student previewing the upcoming game. Enjoy:

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Podcast: 8-24-2008

This week, we welcomed Tony Pizza, the Sports Editor of the Daily Utah Chronicle, to give us some inside info on the Utes.

UPDATE: For some reason that is not immediately obvious, the flash player for this isn’t working (and only for this one). For the time being, you can download the podcast here (right click>save target as). I’ll try to figure out what the problem is. If that isn’t working (my computer decided it no longer could run any sort of sound hardware), I’ll remaster it at work tomorrow and re-post it.

UPDATE PART DUEX: It’s been remastered and double checked. It really should work for everyone now. I hope.

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