Big Ten 2010 Recruiting Class Rankings 3-29-09

Compare to the previous edition of the recruiting class rankings. The Scout 300 has been released, so a bunch of prospects achieved or changed ratings.

3-26-09 Michigan gains commitment from Tony Drake.

#1 Ohio State – 4 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Andrew Norwell OL **** ***** NR
Jamel Turner DE **** ***** NR
JT Moore DE **** NR NR
David Durham LB NR NR NR

No change in the Scout rankings for OSU’s commits..

#2 Notre Dame – 3 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Chris Martin DE ***** ***** NR
Christian Lombard OL NR **** NR
Daniel Smith WR NR **** NR

Lombard knocked down to a 4-star by Scout.

#3 Michigan – 6 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Ricardo Miller WR **** **** NR
Jerald Robinson WR **** **** NR
Jeremy Jackson WR NR NR NR
DJ Williamson WR NR NR NR
Antonio Kinard LB NR NR NR
Tony Drake RB NR NR NR

Robinson picks up a 4-star ranking from Scout. Surprising that none of Michigan’s other commits have been evaluated yet (mostly Jackson, who was considered to be a very likely 4-star, what with very early Florida and LSU offers). Commit-in-waiting Devin Gardner is a 4-star to both sites.

#4 Penn State – 2 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Paul Jones QB **** ***** NR
Mike Hull LB **** **** NR

Jones picks up a 5th star from Scout. This is… surprising based on what I’ve heard about him.

#5 Minnesota – 3 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Jimmy Gjere OL **** **** NR
Konrad Zagzebski LB NR *** NR
Antoine Lewis WR NR NR NR
Lamonte Edwards Ath NR NR NR

Scout drops a 3-star ranking on LB Konrad Zagzebski.

#6 Michigan State – 1 commit
Name Pos. Rivals Scout ESPN
Max Bullough LB **** **** NR

Bullough gets 4 stars from Scout.

#7 Illinois – 1 commit
Name Pos. Rivals Scout ESPN
Corey Cooper CB NR **** NR

Rivals and Scout disagree on Cooper’s position (Scout says he’s a WR). Without further research, I’ll continue trusting what Rivals says.

#8 Iowa – 1 commit
Name Pos. Rivals Scout ESPN
James Morris LB NR NR NR

Still no ranking for Morris.

Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin – 0 commits.

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4 Comments so far

  1. dhammer says...

    Why is Gardner not listed in the commits part……confused did I miss something that is keeping him from this update?

  2. dhammer says...

    disregard…read the whole post…sorry

  3. TriFloyd says...

    *Not a recruiting expert

    Wow! It’s a little sobering that we have 6 recruits and ND only has 3; yet, ND is listed as having a better class than us. Can you address this, please?

  4. Tim says...

    The main reason is that ND has highly-ranked commits (Martin is a consensus top-10 guy), while most of Michigan’s are still unranked. Even if the remaining Michigan commits end up as 3-stars, it’s unlikely that ND stays out front.


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