Big Ten 2010 Recruiting Class Rankings 4-5-09

Compare to the previous edition of the recruiting class rankings. 

4-4-09 Illinois gains commitment from Shawn Afryl.
4-5-09 Michigan gains (public) commitment from Devin Gardner. Minnesota gains commitment from Tom Parish.

#1 Ohio State – 4 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Andrew Norwell OL **** ***** NR
Jamel Turner DE **** ***** NR
JT Moore DE **** NR NR
David Durham LB NR NR NR

Everything remains static for the Buckeyes.

#2 Notre Dame – 3 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Chris Martin DE ***** ***** NR
Christian Lombard OL NR **** NR
Daniel Smith WR NR **** NR

No change.

#3 Michigan – 7 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Ricardo Miller WR **** **** NR
Devin Gardner QB **** **** NR
Jerald Robinson WR **** **** NR
Jeremy Jackson WR NR NR NR
DJ Williamson WR NR NR NR
Antonio Kinard LB NR NR NR
Tony Drake RB NR NR NR

Gardner goes public with his commitment, giving Michigan a trio of 4-star prospects early in the process. With the spring game this upcoming Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are several more commits.

#4 Penn State – 2 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Paul Jones QB **** ***** NR
Mike Hull LB **** **** NR

Paul Jones has decommitted from Penn State, but he’s still on the Rivals commit list, so in the rankings he shall stay. Keep in mind that he no longer considers himself committed to the Nittany Lions, though.

#5 Minnesota – 5 commits
Name Pos Rivals Scout ESPN
Jimmy Gjere OL **** **** NR
Konrad Zagzebski LB NR *** NR
Tom Parish QB NR NR NR
Antoine Lewis WR NR NR NR
Lamonte Edwards Ath NR NR NR

The Gophers pick up yet another Wisconsin player. This time it’s QB Tom Parish.

#6 Michigan State – 1 commit
Name Pos. Rivals Scout ESPN
Max Bullough LB **** **** NR

No change for Bullough and the Spartans.

#7 Illinois – 2 commits
Name Pos. Rivals Scout ESPN
Corey Cooper CB NR **** NR
Shawn Afryl OL NR NR NR

The Illini grab offensive lineman Shawn Afryl, who is unranked to both sites.

#8 Iowa – 1 commit
Name Pos. Rivals Scout ESPN
James Morris LB NR NR NR

Still no ranking for Morris.

Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue, Wisconsin – 0 commits.

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  1. Stephen Y says...

    Why do you feel Michigan is behind OSU and Notre Dame in the rankings? Are only ranked players factored in?

  2. Tim says...

    I actually meant to move them ahead of Notre Dame, but not Ohio State. All the players are taken into account, but the Ohio State and Notre Dame commits are certainly known quantities, at 4*+. Michigan’s, on the other hand, might move up in future sets of rankings, but aren’t that highly regarded yet.


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