Baseball to Play Two Tomorrow

With FA unavailable, I’ll give the status update on baseball’s series with Notre Dame.

Today’s game in Ann Arbor was rained out, and will be made up tomorrow. However, instead of playing a home-and-home with the Irish, Michigan will now play a road doubleheader in South Bend. The games start at 4:30 PM tomorrow, though the weather doesn’t look particularly promising.

Remember, his brief preview of the series can be seen here, and hope for nice enough weather tomorrow to play the DH. Now the question is, do I drive down there for the games?

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  1. Other Chris says...

    What’s not promising about partly sunny, breezy, and 52?

  2. It looks like it may still be a little wet from the last few days, but I’m sure they have ample amounts of diamond dry for the infield dirt and a tarp for the grass.

    I’ve got 4 baseball players in the top tags. I must defeat recruiting! Speaking of which, “iowa” has made it on the list… that must go.

  3. Tim says...

    When I checked yesterday early afternoon, it said showers on and off all day. If it looks better now, I’m all in favor.

    Of course, trying to embed the image of the forecast killed my operating system…

  4. Other Chris says...

    So, did you go to South Bend?

    Say what you like about the Irish, the video coverage was nice. Wish we could have taken both. Wish Lorenz could have avoided error #13. Wish Smith had had a better outing.

    Oh well. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s never bad to beat ND.

  5. JJ says...

    Game one: Katz didn’t look good, struggled, hit another batter, but did get out of his bases loaded jam. Wood looked pretty good, too bad Burgoon didn’t get him the win. Burgoon looked just OK the 6th inning and very good the 7th (last). Talked with Burgoon after the game and said shoulder isn’t feeling 100% yet. Toth is hitting very well, others still struggling.
    Game two: Wilson had best outing of year, looked good after the 1st. Good to see coach didn’t pull him when bases were loaded to open. Smith didn’t look good at all. Miller is looking lights out. I would like to see him move to the closer spot the way he’s throwing. Offense still not there. Only 5 hits and think Toth had one of them. Cranks HR was a bomb.


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