Gardner Announces For Michigan

2010 Michigan Wolverine Devin Gardner

Surprising nobody, MI QB Devin Gardner publicly committed to Michigan at Inkster High School today. His coach had told the press that Gardner committed to Michigan’s coaches, but Devin wanted to wait until after his basketball season ended. He was Michigan’s 4th commitment in the class of 2010.

Devin Gardner Goes Blue

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  1. I know nothing says...

    You have to love this, but seriously, are we ever going to recruit D. Can we beef him up through the Barwis program and make him a tackle. I mean sheesh. But I guess it’s good.

  2. chad says...

    BTW Tim do you remember your reply to me when i said Sheridan getting hurt was a good thing for Tate Forcier??? Well apparently someone agrees – “Eight practices in, Tate’s probably progressing as well as we could have hoped for,” Rodriguez said. “With Nick being hurt, the learning curve has been accelerated with Tate playing with the first group. He’s had to learn quicker, and that’s a good thing.”

  3. Tim says...

    Yeah, dude, you’re wrong. Get over it.

  4. chad says...

    i’m wrong? how am i wrong? Rod proved my point if you cant understand English i can translate it for you.
    “Nick being hurt is actually a good thing cuz we know Tates going to be a starter and its accelerated him understanding the offense faster cuz he’s taking more snaps and practicing w/ 1st team.”

  5. chad says...


    chad says…
    i actually think it’s a good thing if Sheridan is hurt during spring ball. Forcier is probably going to be the starter come fall anyway and it’s better for him to get all the snaps in spring practice as opposed to half of them

    Tim says…
    Well, that is a particularly stupid statement.

  6. Tim says...

    Yes, because it is stupid.

    If it was better for the team for Tate to take all the snaps, Rodriguez would have been doing it from the start. He’s a smart man, and he knows how to coach a football team.

    He also knows that it serves the team to say positive things to the media in the springtime, regardless of the truth.

  7. chad says...

    say positive things huh? unless i have a short memory he didn’t say many positive things about qb’s, etc last year during spring practice. one thing Rod does is tell the truth and isn’t one to sugarcoat.

    agree w/ him being a smart man but that doesn’t mean every decision he makes is best for team (ex. mcguffie starting over minor last year, sheridan starting over threat). sometimes injuries make coaching decisions an easier job and it doesn’t mean coach didn’t know what he was doing (ex. Brady-Bledsoe-Belicek)

  8. Ben says...

    This is a non-issue, Chad you are wrong. Despite Tate getting more snaps, or any other possibility, a very simple equation is: Healthy Roster= Better Roster.

  9. Jblue says...

    McGuffie started over Minor for a while because Minor fumbled like 4 times on 12 carries and had injuries. Sheridan started over Threet because in practice he was more accurate throwing bubble screen and throwing while on the run.

    Stop acting like you’re a better coach than RRod. If Tate gets injured or gets into a slump at any point in the season (which I can almost guarantee will happen), I’d like you to explain how a college kid breaking his leg is a blessing.

  10. chad says...

    never acted/said i know more or better coach than Rod. i simply stated opinion its good thing for Tates progress Nick got hurt and it’ll help team in long run. i see how this chat is so i’m done – if you say something that might bring into question some decisions a coach has made your
    1. supposedly saying your a better coach than he is &
    2. gonna have “yes men” jumpin on you cuz everything Rod does/says is right decision and isn’t allowed to be questioned cuz he never makes mistakes!!!

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