The Great Heisman Campaign: Minor v. Sheridan

Brandon Minor was Michigan’s leading rusher in 2008, after two consecutive years backing up Mike Hart. Despite being plagued with wrist injuries, he rushed for 533 yards last year, splitting carries with Sam McGuffie. Minor led Michigan to a 17-10 halftime lead over Penn State, one of the few bright moments in the year.

Nick Sheridan was Michigan’s starting quarterback in much of 2008, splitting duties with Steven Threet before Threet went down for the year with an injury. Sheridan passed for 2 touchdowns and ran for 1 on the year, and was the engineer of the Wolverines’ upset victory over Minnesota in the Metrodome on November 8th. Sheridan is the only remaining QB on the Michigan roster with more than 1 collegiate pass to his name.

Brandon Minor v. Nick Sheridan

  • 1 Brandon Minor (95%, 952 Votes)
  • 8 Nick Sheridan (5%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,005

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The poll will remain open for 7 days, closing at 5PM next Thursday. The full bracket is visible here.

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11 Comments so far

  1. pz says...

    Am I a doofus, missing a poll link somewhere or something? I can’t find it anywhere (using safari).

  2. word says...

    No, I don’t see it either.

  3. Paul says...

    Sorry about that guys. The poll should be visible yet. You’d think that when you schedule the start time, it would actually start at that time instead of forcing you to press a button, amirite?

  4. pz says...

    haha, well great that it is available now!

  5. pz says...

    Sorry for the repeat posts, but just a thought – if you could hide the results while the poll is open, it would increase some of the drama when you announce the winners…

  6. Tim says...

    I’m almost certain that the software doesn’t have that capability. I’ll look into it.

  7. UofMSnowboarder says...

    Graham has the easiest path to the Final Four, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him squaring off against the winner of Koger/Martin, not Odoms for that slot (npi).

    Minor got seeded in a pretty easy region too.

    I’m pulling for Roundtraaaay to make a run.

  8. SDWolverine says...

    Whom ever is the most popular will receive the votes. Look for the final 4 to be Graham, Tate, Minor, Mesko.

  9. UofMSnowboarder says...

    I think you don’t understand how a bracket works, SDWolerine. Tate and Mesko are in the same ‘region’.

  10. cbrad says...

    Sheridan must’ve told his family to vote for him. He does seem like a nice kid though.

  11. Stephen Y says...

    SDWolverine says…

    “Whom ever is the most popular will receive the votes.”

    Just like the real Heisman voting!


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