The Great Heisman Campaign: The Bracket-ing

For details on the contest (or whatever it is) check out last week’s post on the matter. Here’s the bracket:

The 2009 Heisman Bracket

Click the bracket to see it in all its full-size glory. Battles will start tomorrow, with fan voting determining the winners. Each battle will last about a week, with a new one starting each day (yes, they’ll overlap). When the first round is complete in 16 days, I’ll take a break to recap the action, and we’ll move along.

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  1. LT says...

    This. Is. Awesome.

    I’m afraid that unless something amazing happens you’re going to be crowning Zoltan our best Heisman candidate though

  2. linking to last week’s post would be awesomest so i dont have to scroll

  3. Haskdog says...

    No way does Zoltan the Great deserve to be put out in the West with Focier. I like him as a 1 seed in the South or the Midwest.

    Love it. Where is Barwis?

  4. eabWolverine says...


  5. MaizeNBlue19 says...

    Junior Hemingway NOT on the list! I am pretty shocked, really. I can totally see Junior and martavious being our top receivers this year, even over mathews. I can really see junior with a enormous breakout season.

  6. marvel99 says...

    I know its just all for fun, but why is Mike Shaw so low?

    A #7 seed, lower than T. Rob and the same seed as Hawthorne even, wow….

  7. Tim says...

    Primarily because the seeds were mostly random outside of the top 2 in each “region.” And what fun would a bracket be without some upsets?

  8. Rosey says...

    No Vince Smith?


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