The Great Heisman Campaign: Post July 4 Update

Since many people probably missed all the action in the Great Heisman Campaign over the holiday weekend, let’s reset everything, and bring it up to date.If you haven’t yet, vote in the polls below that are still open. There will be no new battles until the entire first round is completed.

Open Polls:
Martin v. Koger.
Mathews v. Molk.
Ezeh v. Campbell.
Brown v. Hawthorne.
Robinson v. Gallon.

Completed 1st Round Polls:
Minor defeats Sheridan, 952-53.
Van Bergen defeats Gibbons, 516-201.
Warren defeats Stokes, 646-113.
Schilling v. Emilien, 487-248.
Mesko defeats Ortmann, 634-85.
Cissoko defeats Toussaint, 460-270.
Forcier defeats Patterson, 773-35.
Stonum defeats Roundtree, 363-272.
Graham defeats Banks, 473-9.
Robinson defeats Woolfolk, 323-253.
Odoms defeats Shaw., appx. 430-280.

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